Growing good.

We are Tidewater + Associates. We acquire and build brands that are good for people and planet.


Our Commitment

Tidewater + Associates makes majority investments in brands that have potential for positive social and environmental impact. We believe there is latent demand for good. Our mission is to meet this demand making a positive impact for people and minimizing impact on the planet. 


What We Do

We apply our proprietary operating model that drives repeat purchase behavior, enabling us to scale impact brands to achieve long-term economic, environmental, and social benefit. 



higher lifetime value

Our results on average net 10-12x higher lifetime value per customer.



Increased profitability

Our model produces increases of up to 40-70% in company wide contribution margin.



improved growth

Year over year growth improvement is typically 25-30% due to the cultivation of sustainable customer relationships.


Our Model

We provide our brands an operational strategy that takes casual customers and migrates them to the point of advocacy in a methodical, measurable way. Our approach is both qualitative and quantitative extracting tangible insights to what is necessary to retain and build trust with consumers.



This process predicts why a customer will transact in response to what we do as a brand; and, it predicts if and why that customer will continue to buy repeatedly over time.



Quantitatively our framework enables us to measure the efficacy of this process in real time, acting as a lens through which to look at customer performance differently, more simply, linking everything we do directly to creating loyal customer relationships.



Get Involved

Tidewater + Associates invests in brands that can make a difference because that's our charter in life. Our approach allows us to make majority investments in established companies looking to grow beyond their previous successes. We are entertaining interest in both brands and investors at this time.

"As they say on my own Cape Cod, a rising tide lifts all the boats. And a partnership, by definition, serves both partners, without domination or unfair advantage. Together we have been partners in adversity, let us also be partners in prosperity." — John F. Kennedy


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